A quick internet search shows the well documented benefits of journaling, so it makes sense to add this healthy habit to your daily routine. Maple is built to make sure that you can do that in a secure, private, and convenient place.  

Here’s what makes journaling in Maple stand out:

  • Date stamp for each entry (you can post date too!)
  • Word count
  • Maple Organizer options
  • Entries are shareable with Thought Partners
  • Reminder to journal or to return to a particular entry
  • Customize your journal name

More to Explore

Need some help getting started or customizing your journal?  For step by step instructions check out the Maple How To: Using your Journal.   You can always use the Contact form or the Help options in Maple if you need additional assistance.

More to Explore

Maple comes with one free personal journal.  If you want to create more than one journal, no problem! There are additional journaling options available in the Maple Store.

You might be interested in:

Journal Collection – Get the ability to write in up to five additional custom journals. Dedicate journals to specific topics, projects or activities. 

Look for a Stress Journal and a Dream Journal with the Tracker packages as well.