Thoughts & Notes

Thoughts & Notes

Thoughts and Notes are designed to be flexible on the go entries. Notes is your online sticky note to quickly add whatever you want to in Maple. Thoughts is another fast entry but it offers additional fields to give context to what was on your mind.

What you can do:

  • Add an unlimited number of Thought or Note entries
  • Word count
  • All of the Maple organizer options apply
  • Share your entries with Thought Partners
  • See your entries in the Recent Stuff tile on your dashboard for quick reference
  • Set a reminder to return to a specific entry

Getting Started

Notes and Thoughts are simple entry forms.  When you upgrade to the Take Notes Combo you’ll enable additional fields and capability.  Find step by step instructions for that in the Maple How To: Using the Take Notes Combo.  

More to Explore

Notes and Thoughts come free with your Maple account.  If you want more capability in your note taking there are options available in the Maple Store.  

You might like:

Take Notes Combo – The upgrade gives you additional  reference fields to find and manage your Notes.  This allows you to locate Notes by the name of the Book/Course or the Author/Instructor in your Things Menu. You’ll also see that Notes for a specific Book or Course are grouped together on the Notes page from your Stuff menu. Making it easy to find and review all of your Notes for a Course at once.