Maple Reflections

Maple Reflections

Sometimes we need a prompt on exactly what to bring our attention to. This is where the Reflections included in Maple are especially helpful.
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Maple's Reflections

One of the most useful things for personal growth is the chance to think deeply (or reflect) on different topics.

Reflections are thought starters.  They are grouped in different packages so you can use the Reflections that are most relevant for you.  Packages offer prompts in different formats – like questions, statements, scenes, etc. Use Reflections on their own or as part of your journaling practice. 

Here’s what is included with Reflections:

  • Ability to skip a prompt if your not feeling it (go forward or backwards)
  • Unlimited entry size
  • Word count
  • All of the Maple organization options apply
  • Reflection entries can be shared with Thought Partners
  • Set reminders to use Reflections regularly or to return to a particular entry

Getting Started

If you are new to the Reflection prompts in Maple there is a handy step by step instruction page called Maple How To: Using Reflections that will help with your questions.

If you’re ever in need of assistance, feel free to contact us or reach out via the My Maple -> Help! menu in the Maple app.

Upgrade Options

Your Maple account comes with 15 free prompts.  If you want to add variety there are additional Reflection packages available for purchase in the Maple Store. Packages are added all of the time so check the Maple Store frequently.

You might want to check out these packages:

  • In A Word – Get your journal or reflection process started using a single word and see where your thoughts take you. This package gives you 35 different words to use as your inspiration.
  • Resurgence Program, by R. Alliance, LLC – Add prompts created specifically to support you as you work towards reinventing yourself or overcoming a setback. This package encourages personal insight with 31 questions having you describe different aspects of your current circumstances and the changes you are striving to make.
  • Self-Care Reflection Package – The Self-care Reflection Package is a series of first person fill in the blank prompts created to get you thinking about different aspects of self-care, wellness and personal growth. The pack offers 31 unique thought starters, perfect for making self-care part of your daily routine.