Your Privacy in Maple

Privacy in Maple

Your Privacy is Our Priority

Since the beginning we've focused on making Maple truly anonymous and safe from prying eyes. Write whatever is on your mind and feel safe and secure knowing it isn't read and can't be associated with you.
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Your Privacy is Important to Us

Maple is the one place for you to put everything on your mind. It’s important to you that these thoughts and ideas are safe and protected, and it’s important to us too.

Maple’s unique design means that nothing you put into Maple is associated with anything personally identifiable with you. Maple doesn’t ask for, store, or process anything like your name, e-mail address, phone number, or street address. When you write in Maple, you are truly anonymous.

For more information on what information we do (and don’t) collect about you, please read our Privacy Policy. We made sure our lawyers wrote it in plain English so it is as plain and transparent as possible!

How It's Done

When you create an account in Maple you can choose to use any one of several different logon providers. A logon provider is an account you already have somewhere else, like a Microsoft or Google e-mail account.The way this works is Maple sends you to the logon provider of your choice, you identify yourself with them (using your regular username and password), and they provide Maple with a code that they can link to your account. We use this code to identify your Stuff in Maple, and that’s it! It’s that easy!


Because of this design everything in Maple is completely anonymous. We rely on these external logon providers to identify you (using an otherwise meaningless code) but we don’t ask for, store, or process any other information about you (except what you write in Maple).

How You Can Protect Your Stuff

Here are a few tips that you can follow to make sure your Stuff is even safer in Maple:

Don’t put personally identifiable stuff into Maple.
If you are journaling, refer to real people using their initials or first names. Avoid putting sensitive data like your full name, e-mail address, or social security number in Maple. Nobody but you is looking at your Maple account, but it can’t hurt to be extra cautious.

Choose your logon provider thoughtfully.

Use an account that you trust when creating a Maple account. Maple’s code treats all logon providers in the same exact way – it doesn’t ask for any of your personally identifiable information (like your name, profile picture, or friends lists), it just makes sure you’re the same person you were when you created your account.

But each provider handles these connections differently, each with their own minimum required permission set. Microsoft, for example, allows us to ask only for permission to log you on. Google doesn’t let us ask for anything less than your name, e-mail address, and profile picture in order to log you on. Even though Maple never processes or stores this additional information, it can still be unsettling to have to give permission to an app to access this information.

We recommend using a Microsoft account. They are free, and they are the only provider that doesn’t require us to ask for permission to access your personal information when logging you on.

Link more than one provider to your Maple account.

Once you create your account, whatever logon provider you chose at the start is the only way you can get to your Stuff in Maple. If you lose access to that logon provider’s account, you lose access to your Stuff. To help you with this, we’ve given you a way to link more than one logon provider to the same Maple account. To do this, use the My Maple / Settings menu to get to your account settings page, scroll down to the Connected Logon Providers section, and click the Connect button next to the provider you want to link to your account. Simple! You now have more than one way to get to your Maple account!

We're Here for You

For more information about how we handle your privacy and security, please read our plain English Privacy Policy or give us a shout, we’re happy to assist you.