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Maple Self Study was created to give you a place to keep all of your insights and lessons learned when you set aside time to study.
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Self-study in Maple

With busy lives we often need options for personal growth that are targeted to our interests and self paced. Online courses, programs and books are great for that.  The downside can be having your notes and insights sprinkled over many sites and sources, making it hard to connect thoughts and leverage the Ah-ha Moments that we experience.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Work in books or courses
  • Capture all the necessary reference (or citation) information
  • Choose the assignment types that are the most useful for you
  • Store your response and insights from each assignment
  • Apply any of the organization options
  • Share your thoughts about an assignment with Thought Partners
  • Set goals related to books or courses
  • Create reminders for specific entries

Getting Started

Self study entries can be started from the New tab in the menu or from your My Self Study page.  When working with Self Study you can chose a List View or a Syllabus of your work.  The first time you begin a course or book you can add the citation information.  That information will appear as a drop down choice for your future entries.

If you’re ever in need of assistance, feel free to contact us or reach out via the My Maple -> Help! menu in the Maple app.

A Reminder About Copyrights

Maple and the Self Study options are about your thoughts and reactions to the material you are studying.  Any space to reference source material is to provide context to the ideas and insights that you had as a result.  Be sure to keep copyright laws in mind and treat the original works of the authors, facilitators and program leaders you are learning from with the appropriate care.

Upgrade Options

The Self Study options require a subscription to use.  Assignment types are grouped into packages so you can select the ones that make the most sense for you.  Check out the Maple Store for details, including two free trial options so you can try before you buy.

Here are your Self Study options:

  • Essential Self Study Tools – Includes two assignment types Questions & Answers and Study Notes.
  • Self Study Booster Pack – Includes three assignment types: Activities (like handouts), Study Journal and Additional Reading/Viewing (for articles, videos or podcasts)