Thought Partners

Thought Partners

Sometimes the best way to gain perspective and insight is to get input from someone you trust. With Thought Partners you can do that right in Maple.
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Thought Partners

The Thought Partners feature allows you to share individual entries that you select with another Maple user, without giving that person access to all of your Maple Stuff. It was designed to enable collaboration and sharing while remaining private, which means you don’t have to give away your Maple account information to connect with someone.

This feature is perfect for:

  • Asking for a reaction to an idea
  • Telling a confidant about awareness you gained from a daily reflection
  • Collaborating with colleagues on a assignment
  • Sharing a limiting fear or concern with someone you trust
  • Preparing for a Book Club session
  • Venting stress to a close friend
  • Offering an inspiring quote to someone who needs support
  • Getting perspective on insights from a coach, counselor or therapist

Getting Started

To use Thought Partners you create a relationship with another Maple user by giving them a link or access code called a Thought Partner Invitation. Other Maple users can accept your invitation or not.

Once your invitation is accepted, you can start sending entries to your Thought Partner, and they can send Stuff to you too. You include a comment with each entry that you send and, if your Thought Partner responds, you get a notification right on your Dashboard.

If you have other questions, just use the Contact form or the Help options in Maple and we’ll be happy to help.

More to Explore

It’s easy to use, and Basic Thought Partners is part of the free features provided by Maple. When you want to grow your community of trusted Thought Partners, check out the Maple Store for other options you can purchase to meet your needs.