iOS Shortcut

iOS Shortcut

This is a quick way to get Maple on your iOS device, no need to go to the Apple Store.  Note: Depending on the device you are using some button locations may vary slightly.

Here is where we are going to add the shortcut:


1.  From your Home Screen go to Safari.

2. Go to the Browser bar and type in:

3. Then click the Shortcut button (looks like a box with an arrow).

4. A sub window will drop down.  On the bottom row you should see a button called Add to Home Screen.  You may need to scroll to the right to see it.

5. When it is visible click the button called Add to Home Screen

6. A new sub window will appear.  It shows the site name, it’s icon and the url. You should see the Maple logo.  Click the button called Add in the upper right of the sub window. 

7. The sub window should close and you will be returned to your Home Screen showing the Maple logo as an icon for easy access.  Hooray!!!!

That is it, you’re done!  Now accessing Maple is always just a click away.  Happy Mapling!