Introducing Maple

Where do I even start?
"I want to work on my personal growth but have no idea how to get started."
Begin with the basics.
Start where you are most comfortable. Journal, read a book or take a course, track your sleep or stress, or just jot down some thoughts to get going. All of that is super easy to do in Maple.
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When you’re clear about what you want to work on, it’s easier to stay motivated so you can set and reach your goals.  Need help to get focused?  Check in with Coach Chris for a FREE mini ‘getting started’ session.  She can help you get on the path for your own personal growth journey.

I don't know what to do.
"Whenever I try to journal I get stressed out and then I don't know how to keep going. What do I even write?"
Change can be uncomfortable at first, but with help it gets easier.
Building new habits takes you out of your comfort zone but Maple can help you feel at ease. Use Reflections to get ideas for writing or deeper thought and Reminders to keep you going each day.
Get Started!

Need support and help embracing your Personal Growth journey?  We got you covered.  The Maple 30 Day Challenge delivers tips, information, and inspiration right to your inbox, all while teaching you how Maple works.  And it’s FREE! 

Everything is all over the place!
"Things are hectic enough. I can't keep track of all the things I'm doing and where they are, nevermind all the passwords."
We can bring it all together!
You don't need another place to work, you need one place that lets you do everything you need to. Someplace that works how your mind works. That place is Maple.
Show me what I can do in Maple

Get the tools you need, work the way you want, and focus on the goals that are most important to you now.  Maple is flexible, secure, affordable, customizable, easy to use and available anywhere you need it to be.  It’s time to let Maple help you with your personal growth.