Maple Guides

Your Tools for Personal Growth

Everyone’s journey and goals are unique. Maple accommodates your different needs as your own path changes by offering a variety of options to support your personal growth journey. Whether it is counseling, coaching, career development, formal education or self help there are tools in Maple to support you. Select the ones that match your needs and use them the way it makes sense for you. 


A place to collect what is on your mind.


Questions and prompts to get you thinking.


Your favorite sources of inspiration.


Set targets for your Maple activities.

Log Sleep & Stress

Record sleep and stress to see how they impact you.

Thoughts & Notes

Two flexible options for quick ideas.

Self Study

Your insights from courses or books you've used.

Thought Partners

Your inner circle for your life's journey.

Get the Most from Maple

Using Maple is pretty simple, but we’ve built in lots of capability.  Here are some things that can make your Maple experience even better.

Categories & Tags

This is how you can organize in Maple.

Stuff & Things

This is how Maple organizes for you.


Everything from the dashboard to reminders.


Need a hand? There are three different options for you to use.


Ready for more? Check out the Maple Store catalog.

Other Important Information

When it comes to personal growth, privacy and security is a must.  Find out everything you need to know about Maple’s Privacy Policy and the basic rules of the road for using our service.

Privacy Policy

What we do to protect your privacy and content.

Fine Print

What you agree to by using Maple.