Maple keeps you on track with your personal growth goals.  Sometimes that means letting you know its been a while since you worked on your stuff or there is important information to see. 

A Gentle Nudge

With busy lives, its easy to forget to our personal growth habits, even when we really commit to them.  Maple gives you hand with this by giving you a reminder, consider it a gentle nudge, to get to work.  

You can set these reminders in Maple at My Maple/Settings. Here are your Reminder options:

  • Goal Notifications –  Maple sends you a little nudge when you have an active goal you are working towards.  You’ll also receive a message when you accomplish a goal you’ve set.  
  • Reflection Reminders – By turning this on you’ll receive a little poke periodically reminding you to write Reflections.  
  • Journal Reminders – By opting into this reminder, you receive a message periodically with a gentle nudge to encourage you to write in your journal. 

Since you have the option to keep more then one Journal, you can manage the reminder for each Journal, including its frequency, from the My Journals page and using the Edit button.

  • Stuff Reminders – These are the reminders you add to your individual Stuff entries, like a Note or a Quote (or any Stuff type). They prompt you to return to an entry you’re not done with.