Up for a challenge? Studies have shown that when people set goals they are more successful, especially when they set clear goals that they are visible.  Maple Goals are a great way to use your Maple activities to stay motivated. 

Here’s what you get:

  • Choose from common Maple activities to quickly set Goals
  • Define your targets and date range
  • Store previous Goals to see which ones you met or didn’t quite reach
  • Make your Goals visible by putting them on your Dashboard
  • Maple automatically updates progress when you add entries related to your Goal
  • See how you are doing by glancing at the progress bar for each Goal

Getting Started

Goals are accessible from the New menu in Maple and can be set up with just a few clicks.  Maple does the tracking for you – no set up required!  Once you have reached a goal you can set a new one.

If you have questions let us know using the Contact form or the Help options in Maple.

More to Explore

Maple let’s you get started with your first goal for free!  If you are looking to really challenge yourself with more then one goal at a time, check out the Maple Store for two different options to add more active goals.

  • Stretch Goals – Get to work with up to 3 active Goals.
  • Ultimate Goals – Really go for it with 5 active Goals.