Maple How To: Creating a Maple Account

Maple How To: Creating an Account

The first step on any journey is getting started and with Maple that means creating an account.  We’ve made it that simple.  

Start by clicking the green Get Started button in the upper right corner of this page or go to

You’ll go to the Welcome to Maple page.  Click the login provider you want to use to log in.  You can choose from Microsoft, Google or Facebook.  We’ll use Microsoft for this example.

Note: Remember which one you choose – that’s how Maple will recognize you.  

You’ll get the Login ID and Password prompts for that provider. 


Enter your ID and password.

Note: Some providers may ask you to agree to Maple using the account for third party authentication. 

You’ll arrive at the Acceptance of Legal Terms page.  This is where you can see the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use for Maple. 

Tip: To see the details, click the triangle toggle it opens and closes the text for each policy.

Once you’ve reviewed, click I Accept.

That’s it!  You’ve created your account.  Welcome to Maple!

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