Maple How To: Device Notifications in the App

Device Notifications in the Maple App

If you are all about the Maple App then you can also get your Maple Dashboard messages and reminders directly to your device.

Here’s what else you can do:

  • Receive Dashboard Messages and Reminders to your device, even if you aren’t logged in to Maple
  • Select the notifications you want to receive
  • Customize the settings for each device
  • Easily turn all your notifications on or off, or select certain types of notifications that you want to receive
  • Snooze, dismiss or get working on a Reminder right from the device

To use this feature you have to download and install the Maple app.  Check out the Microsoft and Google Play stores and search for Maple.

Receiving Maple Messages as a Device Notification

Notifications can be Messages or Reminders.  You automatically receive Message on your Maple Dashboard.

Here is a description of the Messages you can opt to receive on your device:

  • System Messages – There several types of  System Messages.  For example, messages sent directly to your Maple Dashboard by the Maple Help team after you make an inquiry.  These can also be Maple Memos (broadcast messages) about system maintenance or upgrades. In general, this type of notification happens fairly infrequently.
  • Billing Messages – These help you keep tabs on your Maple Account by notifying you ahead of each upcoming subscription renewal period or if your saved credit card expired.
  • Partner Messages – You receive a message each time one of your Thought Partners shares something with you or comments on something you’ve shared with them.  You’ll also receive a message when your Thought Partner invitations are accepted.

Receiving Maple Reminders as a Device Notification

You chose which Reminders to see on your Maple Dashboard.  with the Maple App you can also decide which Reminders you receive on your device.

Here’s a quick review of your Reminder options:

  • Journal Reminders
  • Goal Reminders
  • Reflection Reminders
  • Stuff Reminders

For more information on each of these Reminders see the  the Reminders page.

Check out the Maple How To: Managing Notifications for step by step instructions to set up your Maple App Notifications.

Handy Shortcut!

Want to manage all the notifications at once for that device?  No problem!

  • Enable Notifications – Located at the top of the Device Notifications page, this option allows you to quickly turn on or off all notifications for the device you are using.

Whew!  Maple is making it easy for you to remember to come back to the things that are important to you.  Don’t worry if you don’t remember all of these, there is a brief description of each on the Device Notifications page.

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