Maple How To: Take Notes Combo

Maple How To: Take Notes Combo

When you upgrade to the Take Notes Combo you automatically enable additional fields on the page to create or edit Notes. The fields are tailored to the type of reference you are making.

Books include fields for Title and Author.

Book Reference Fields for Notes

Courses include fields for Course Name, Learning Institution and Instructor.

Course Reference Fields for Notes

Tip: When you select a reference the fields are required, except for the Led by (Instructor’s Name) field.

To Include Reference Info with an Entry:

1. Click the Reference Type button. Additional fields will appear.

2. Enter in Title for a Book or Name for a Course.

3. Enter in the Author(s) for a Book or Offered By for a Course.

4. Optional step, enter in Led By for a Course.

5. Complete the Notes entry as usual.

To Access Referenced Notes from the My Notes Page:

1. Click My Stuff on the Menu bar.

2. Select Notes.

3. Click the Edit or View button to access the Note.

When a reference has been added to a Note it has a distinct layout on the My Notes page. Here are some additional useful features:

My Notes Page with Take Notes Combo

1. Note Shows an Association Tile – Notes that include a reference to a Book or Course have a small tile to the right of the main Note tile. This smaller tile indicates the Note is referencing something else in Maple.

2. Course Reference – You can tell it is referencing a Course because the Course icon appears and the Course name is to the right of that.

3. Book Reference – You can tell it is referencing a Book because the Book icon appears and the Book title is to the right of that.

4. Reference is Summarized – All of the notes related to a specific reference are bundled, so your My Notes page remains manageable. You can see how many Notes apply to a reference in the item count at the bottom of the Associated Tile.

Tip: To see all of the Notes related to a reference click the item count in the Associated Tile. You’ll also see a badge at the top of the page for any other content related to that reference, like Quotes from a Book.

Notes About a Book Page

To Access Referenced Notes from A Book or Course Page:

1. Click My Things on the Menu bar.

2. Select the type of Thing it is, Book or Course.

3. Click the Notes Badge.

Books Page

Tip: If the Book or Course has other Stuff related to it, you will see badges for those in the tile as well. Like the Quotes Badge in the example above.

You’ve reviewed it all. That’s Noteworthy! If you still have questions on what you can do with the Take Notes Combo upgrade, let us know using the Contact page or the Help! features in Maple.

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