Maple How To: Using Reflections

Maple How To: Using Reflections

New Menu Reflection My Stuff menu Reflection


Reflections are available using the New menu and Reflection (shown to the left) or use the My Stuff menu and choose Reflections (shown to the right).








Once you have started adding content to Maple you can also add a Reflection directly from the Quick Links on the Dashboard. Find these just below the yellow Notifications box at the top of the page. Click the drop down arrow and choose New Reflection.

Quick Entry reflection

To Create a New Reflection:

1. Access the Reflection from one of the locations described above.

Reflections page

2. Review the prompt. To select a different prompt click the Next button.

New Reflection entry with features

Tip: If you want to use a prompt you have already skipped today you can use the Prev button to go back to it.

3. Add your thoughts and reactions to the prompt to the response box below the prompt.

4. Once you are done remember to click Save.

Tip: The Organizer options, Entry Reminder and Thought Partner feature are also available in the Reflection entry.

You’ve done it!  You created your Reflection.

Other Capabilities on the Reflection Page

The Reflection entry page has additional functionality you may find useful. These work the same for any Reflection package.

Here’s what you can do: (refer to the image above)

1. Reflection Package source – You’ll see the name of the Reflection package that this particular prompt has been taken from.

2. Word Count – In case you are counting words, the word count is displayed just below the entry box once you begin to type in the box. This is useful if you’ve set a minimum word count goal for yourself when you are writing.

To Edit, View or Delete a Reflection Entry:

You can access a Reflection entry from Recent Stuff on your Dashboard or from the My Stuff Menu and selecting Reflections.

1. Choose the Reflection entry you want to work in.

2. Select the action you want to take by clicking the icon in the Reflection entry tile.

Manage Reflection

1. Delete – Removes this entry from your list of Reflections.

2. View – Displays the Reflection but does not allow changes.

3. Edit – Opens the Reflection entry and enables all of the editable fields. Be sure to Save after you edit.

Tip: You can also use the Manage icon (shown by the arrow above) to access the Delete, View or Edit options. The Manage icon also allows you to Add a New Reflection.

All done!  Yup, working on a Reflection is that simple.

Setting a Reminder to Write Reflections:

1. On the My Maple menu, select Settings.

2. You will arrive at the Account Settings page, which shows all of your preferences. Scroll to the Reminders section (on the left side of the page).

Reflection Reminder


3. Under the Reminders subheading slide the indicator to Yes for the setting labelled Remind me to write Reflections.

4. Make sure to click Save Changes when you are finished.

Tip: With this setting turned on, you will receive a general Nudge reminder on your Dashboard to write Reflections. You can also set reminders for individual Reflections to receive Notifications about specific entries.

That’s all!  Giving yourself a little nudge is quick and easy!

If you still have questions on how to use the Reflection prompts please Contact us for support.

For even more options to inspire reflection and deep thought check out the Reflection Packages in the Maple Store.


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