Maple How To: Using Your Journal

Maple How To: Using Your Journal

Your Personal Journal is available using the New menu or by selecting Journals/Personal Journal from the My Stuff menu.

New Journal Entry path

My Stuff Journla Entry Path

Tips: If you change the name of your journal that is what appears in the menus. (Cool!!)

Once you have started adding content you can also add a Journal Entry directly from the Quick Links on the Dashboard. Find these just below the yellow Notifications box at the top of the page.

Dashboard New Journal Entry

To Create a New Journal Entry:

1. Access the Journal Entry from one of the locations described above.

Create a Journal Entry

2. Check the Entry Date. (See below for screen example)

Tip: The current date is entered as the default value. You can’t type in a future date but you can type in or choose an earlier date.

3. Add your content to the field called What Would You Like to Write in Your Journal Today?

4. Once you are done click Save Changes.Save changes

That’s it! You’ve created your Journal Entry.

Other Capabilities on a Journal Page

The Journal has additional functionality you may find useful. These work the same for any Journal.

Here’s what you can do:

Journal Entry Page

1. Journal Name – Never get confused about which journal you are working in, its referenced right at the top of the Journal Page. (See below to Rename a Journal)

2. Word Count – When every word matters it is easy to tell where you are with the word count displayed just below the entry box.

3. Organizer and Thought Partner Features – Easily add Categories, Sub categories or Tags using the Organizer. Share a single Journal Entry (not the entire Journal) with a Thought Partner. Just use the Expand and Collapse icons to display or hide these features.

4. Reminder – Receive a Notification to return to this Journal Entry. Super useful when you know you have more to think about and add but don’t have the time in the moment.

To Edit, View or Delete a Journal Entry:

You can access a Journal Entry from Recent Stuff on your Dashboard or from the My Stuff Menu and selecting Journal.

1. Choose the Journal Entry you want to work in.

2. Select the action you want to take by clicking the icon in the Journal Entry tile.

Manage Journal Entry
1. Delete – Removes this entry from your Journal.

2. View – Displays the Journal Entry but does not allow changes.

3. Edit – Opens the Journal Entry and enables all of the editable fields. Be sure to Save after you edit.

Tip: You can also use the Manage icon (shown by the arrow above) to access the Delete, View or Edit options. The Manage icon also allows you to Add a New Journal Entry.

You’re done! Yes, its that’s easy to work in your Journal.

To Rename or Edit a Journal:

In Maple, you have the ability to rename your personal journal or any custom journal.

Rename a Journal Menu Path1. On the My Stuff menu, select Journals and then choose All Journals.

Tip: The Sleep/Dream and Stress Journals appear in the Journal menu but are only available if you have purchased them from the Maple Store.

You will arrive at the My Journals page, which shows all of your Journals.

Rename a Journal

2. Select the Journal you want to rename, click the Edit icon in the tile. The Edit Journal page will open up.

Rename a Journal Step 2
3. Under the prompt What Would You Like to Call This Journal type in the new name.

4. To set a Reminder to write in this Journal on your Dashboard select a frequency. Daily adds a new reminder each day; Weekly adds a reminder once every seven days. Once chosen the selector will slide to On and change to green.

5. Make sure to click Save Changes.

You can see your changes in the tile for the Journal on the My Journals page.

Updated Journal Name

Tip: The Journal Entries badge (seen next to the star in example above) also shows in the tile for the Journal. This displays how many Journal Entries you have made in this specific Journal. Click it to go directly to the Journal Entries page.

Finished! Customizing your Journal is quick and easy!

If you still have questions on how to use your Journal please Contact us for support. For even more journaling options check out the Maple Store.

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