Maple How To: Working with Invitations

Maple How To: Working with Invitations

The Thought Partners feature allows you to create a relationship with other Maple users by sending them an invitation to become Thought Partners.

On this page you will learn How To:

  • Create a Thought Partner Invitation
  • Accept a Thought Partner Invitation Using an Invite Copter Code
  • Accept a Thought Partner Invitation Using an Invite Link
  • Resend a Thought Partner Invitation
  • Cancel a Thought Partner Invitation

There is a limit to how many active Thought Partners you can have. Maple allows you to send invites within that limit. Any invitation counts towards your limit, even if it hasn’t been accepted.

If you have hit your max, check out the Maple Store for Thought Partner packages (for purchase) or consider cancelling an invitation (see below).

Begin by inviting other Maple users to become Thought Partners. Go to the My Maple menu and click on Thought Partners.Thought Partners My Menu

Note icon for How To PagesNote: If the person you are sending the invitation to is not currently a Maple user, they will need to create an account to accept a Thought Partner invitation. Using the Invitation Link will automatically take them to the login page to create an account. New users who were invited with an Invitation Copter Code can begin at to create an account and log in.

This takes you to the My Thought Partners page. This page may have different messages or layouts depending on the status of your Thought Partners.

If you have never invited anyone to be a Thought Partner and have not accepted an invitation to be a Thought Partner you will see this message:

No Thought Partners Yet
If you have sent a Thought Partner invitation, but it has not yet been accepted, the page will give you a message and show you the Pending invitations:

Thought Partners Invited Not Accepted

Tip: When a Thought Partner has accepted your invitation, their tile is displayed on this page. (For an example see How To: Manage Thought Partners.)

To Create a Thought Partner Invitation:

1. On the My Thought Partners page, click Invite Thought Partner.

Create Thought Partner Invite

2. On the Connect with a Thought Partner page, fill in the My Name field.

Tip: Maple will automatically fill this field in with the nickname you are using in Maple. You can change this if your potential Thought Partner may know you with a different name. For example, your Maple nickname could be ‘Testing Queen’ and your Thought Partner might recognize you as ‘Chris’. Whatever you type here is what Maple will display for them when they accept your invite.

3. Type in the name you will use for that person in Thought Partner Name. (Only you will see this.)

4. Click the Create Invitation button.

Confirm Invite Created
5. Maple creates the invitation for you. You’ll go to the Connection Invite Created page to retrieve the invite.

Note icon for How To PagesNote: Because Maple is entirely private, you cannot send the invitation within Maple. Copy the link (aka the URL, shown above as 1) and send it to your intended Thought Partner. If you would rather not send a link, you can use the Invite code (see 2 above).

Your invite code can only be used once, so be sure not to give the same invite to more than one person.

We’ve blurred these in the examples in case anyone was thinking of being tricky. 😊

6. Click Continue.

Voila! Your invite is complete.

Now don’t forget to send or give that to the person you want as your Thought Partner via e-mail, text or even in person. Remember, Maple can’t do that part for you, because everyone is anonymous to Maple.

To Accept a Thought Partner Invitation Using an Invite Copter Code:

1. On the My Thought Partners page, scroll to the portion of the message about receiving a Thought Partner Copter code.

Accept Invite
2. Click Accept Invite.

Enter Copter Code page
3. You will arrive at the Enter Copter Code page. Click Redeem Code.

Tip: Type the code in exactly as you received it. If you need to start over clear out the box using the X on the right hand side (see above for an example but this may vary slightly based on your browser or the app OS you are using).

Copter Code Result
4. You will go to the Copter Code Result page. Click Continue.

Tip: If the Copter code was entered incorrectly or if it has been cancelled you will receive an error message. If you Continue from there you will return to the Enter Copter Code page to try again.

Thought Partner Details
5. The Thought Partner Details page displays. Type in the Name you want to use to refer to your Thought Partner.

Tip: This defaults to what your Thought Partner entered as their name on the invitation, but you can update it to something familiar to you.

6. Click Confirm.

Ta Da! That is all there is to it – you’ve accepted a Thought Partner invite. Congratulations!

To Accept a Thought Partner Invitation Using an Invite Link:

1. Click the link you received or paste the URL into your browser (use Paste and Go).

Accept Connection
2. You arrive at the Accept Connection page and the invite code is filled in based on the URL that was used. Click Accept Connection.

3. See steps 4 – 6 above in Accept a Thought Partner Invitation Using an Invite Copter Code.

You’re all set! Accepting a Thought Partner invitation is that quick and easy.

To Resend a Thought Partner Invitation:

1. Go to the My Thought Partners page, scroll to the Pending Connections section.

2. Locate the Thought Partner tile for the invitation you want to resend.

Resend an Invite
3. Use your cursor with the Copy and Paste function to highlight the Copter Code or Link.

Tip: Any Copter Code or Link can only be used to activate a Thought Partner once. If you decide to recycle the invitation to a different Maple user remember to edit the Thought Partner name once the invitation is accepted. Or better yet, just cancel the invitation and create a new one so there is no confusion!

Presto! You can give that Maple user another chance to become a Thought Partner.

To Cancel a Thought Partner Invitation:

Note icon for How To PagesNote: Cancelling a Thought Partner invitation removes the invite from your Thought Partner list, whether it has been accepted or not. Cancelling an accepted invitation (aka Deleting a Thought Partner) removes the Thought Partner from your active list. You will no longer be able to share with that Maple user, though previously shared entries will remain in the system for a while in case you re-establish the Thought Partner relationship.

1. Go to the My Thought Partners page, scroll to the Pending Connections section.

Pending Connections
2. Locate the Thought Partner tile for the invitation you want to cancel. Within the tile click the Delete icon. (You can also use the Manage box in the upper right corner and select Delete.)

Cancel an Invite
3. You’ll go to the Cancel Connection Invite page. Click Cancel Invite.

Tip: There is no Undo once you click Cancel Invite. If you change your mind and want to keep the invitation, use the Cancel button to return to the My Thought Partners page.

You’re done! That invitation is gone and you have one more spot for a Thought Partner available now!

Great work! You’ve covered everything about Thought Partner invitations in Maple. If you have questions let us know using the Contact page or the Help features in Maple.

Once you start building Thought Partner relationships you might want even more of them! To grow your tribe of trusted Thought Partners, check out the Maple Store for options (for Purchase).