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Maple offers a lot of options to support your personal growth.  And many of them are free! Hooray!

As you move along on your journey, you may find you need even more Maple capabilities.  We get that because, it happens to us too!  

The Maple Store offers you additional capabilities or upgrades to make your Maple experience exactly what you need it to be.  Check there often to see which options we are Featuring or shop the Maple Sales to get great deals.

Remember you can access the Maple Store whenever you want by going to My Maple/Store when you are in Maple.


Find the packages we are loving the most right now. They might be new or just super useful.

Maple Specials

From time to time we offer even better deals on particular packages.

Get Organized

Individual upgrade options for managing your Stuff in Maple or get an organizing bundle.

Let's Journal

Journaling is a powerful personal growth practice. Maple has different options for your goals.

Reflection Prompts

Jump start your thought process. Packages offer different styles, topics and quantities.

Study Aids

A collection of options to give you exactly what you need as you learn and grow from self study.

Record Sleep & Stress

Keep track of your sleep and stress quality, how you're feeling and what you're thinking.

Goal Oriented

Check out the different options you have to challenge yourself with Maple activities.

Thought Partners

Manage the size of your support circle with different packages that can grow as you do.

Coming Soon: Maple Pro

Personal Growth Professionals, Maple Pro connects your clients to their tasks and progress.

Getting Started with the Store

Maple offers two different types of purchases an Account Unlock and a Subscription.

  • Account Unlock – Enables that option for the lifetime of your current account.  
  • Subscription – Enables the option for the duration of the subscription period.  If you do not renew the subscription, in general, you will be able to see the entries you previously added but cannot edit or add entries.
We like to try before we buy and in Maple, wherever possible, we try to offer either a free version or a trial period.
  • Free Trial – This trial period is for a full 30 days (unless stated otherwise) and requires a credit card to activate.  Your card won’t be charged until the end of the trial period and you can cancel your subscription at any time.
  • Instant Free Trial – This trial period is for two weeks and no credit card is required. 

** Trial periods can not be combined.  Only one trial period is offered per option.