Take a Look at Maple Pro

Maple Pro: Created by Coaches for Coaching

Personal growth and coaching is hard work and the tool you use to manage the process shouldn’t make it even harder.  Maple Pro isn’t like other platforms that have similar capabilities but were built for other purposes, like managing projects or taking notes. It was designed specifically to meet the needs of coaches and their clients.  

  • Simple and quick to use
  • Adaptable to your coaching style
  • Flexible for clients to work their own way
  • Offers the reinforcing tools of Maple
  • Puts everything in one place

Say Hello to the Maple Pro Dashboard

  • Get notified when a client accepts your connection
  • See all your active clients in one place
  • Send Next Steps to your clients
  • Keep tabs on the status and progress for each Next Step
  • Add Notes for yourself about each client
  • Check on the status of your client’s Maple connection
  • Manage your active clients (cancel invites or archive completed engagements)

Easily Connect with Clients in Maple

  • Simple set up makes it fast to get clients connected
  • Brand yourself in your invite
  • Customize your client’s name – only you will see it
  • Send the Maple invitation as a link or code

Get Clients Started on Their Next Steps

  • Create multiple Next Steps for each client 
  • Choose a built-in Maple Next Step (Maple monitors progress) or define your own (Client self-reports progress)
  • Add details or explain why the Next Step is relevant
  • Include a URL for relevant media: podcast, video, or documents
  • Create strong goals with due dates and targets (as a percent or an item count) 

Keep Tabs on Progress

  • Check on progress to date
  • View feedback from clients
  • See the client’s effectiveness rating for the Next Step
  • Get additional feedback and a rating for each progress report submitted
  • When there is no activity, send a Nudge or add a Client Note directly from the Progress Report

Ready to Put Maple Pro to Work in Your Coaching Practice?

It’s easy!  A quick trip to the Maple store is all it takes to get started. Log into Maple using one of the Maple Apps or at MapleThat.com.  From your personal Maple Dashboard go to: My Maple/Store and click Maple for Professionals.  

Not a Maple user yet?  No problem, we can get you set up with a Maple account in just a few clicks. Start here:

Want to Learn More? Review Your Maple Pro Options

Now that you know what Maple Pro can do, find the package and subscription that works best for the needs of your coaching practice.