Maple Pro Package Options

Maple Pro Packages for Your Coaching Needs

Maple was built to be flexible so it suits your needs and Maple Pro is no different.  Choose a package size and payment option that works for your coaching practice.

Maple Pro Silver

Maple Pro Gold

Who it's for

Perfect for new coaches starting their practice

Great for established or expanding coaches

Number of active clients



Integrated Maple Pro Dashboard

Assign Next Steps

Number of active Next Steps

2 per Client

5 per Client

Modify / Resend Next Steps

Unlimited Client Notes

Monitor client progress on Next Steps

Send Nudges to clients

See client ratings and feedback

Trial period

2 weeks (with annual subscription)

2 weeks (with annual subscription)

Maple Pro is Coming Soon!!

Maple Pro is coming in just a few short weeks! Join our Maple Pro mailing list now to be among the first to hear when it’s ready and to learn about the pricing options. We’re even putting together some really cool perks for our mailing list coaches, we’ll let you know more as we get closer to launch!

Ready to Buy?

We’ve got pricing options that will fit your need. Pay annually for the best savings, or sign up for monthly billing, whatever suits your business’ needs the best. Subscription payments are automatically billed to your credit card so you never have to worry about missing a payment, and you can cancel at any time.

Silver Monthly

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Silver Annual

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Gold Monthly

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Gold Annual

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$14.99 / month

$149.99 / year

$49.99 / month

$479.99 / year

More to Explore

Need to see a little more before you decide?  No problem.  Take a look at everything you can do and see some of the screens you’ll use in Maple Pro!