Maple Pro Welcome Kit

Maple Pro Welcome Kit

Welcome to Maple Pro!  We’ve gathered some resource for you and your clients to make working together in Maple Pro quick and easy.  Take a look and if you have other questions or suggestions, let us know.

Resources for You

Here are some things to help you get comfortable your clients connected to you in Maple Pro.

It’s quick and easy to get your clients set up in Maple Pro.  Here’s a simple How To that you can follow.

Your Maple Pro Dashboard in made up of a Client Tile for each active client.  Take a look at what you can see and do in the Client Tile.

Here’s a few examples of emails you might use with your clients to get them started in Maple Pro.

Resources for Your Clients

Here’s some information to help your clients understand what Maple does and how they can put it to work for them.

All the highlights of what Maple does to support personal growth!