About Maple

What Maple Does

What exactly can Maple do? We’re so glad you asked! We know that when you have a lot of options it helps to have a little direction.

Maple offers you different options to support your personal growth goals by helping to identify and internalize your own insights. It’s the place to connect with your own thoughts, without the clutter and distraction that happens on social media.

Meet the Maple Family Tree

We started with a big vision and a tiny team.  Get to know us and you’ll see why we were motivated to take on this big challenge.  We’ve been blogging our journey, follow along and you can see the personal impact Maple is having on us.

The Maple Story

Maple wasn’t conceived in a corporate boardroom. It was born out of the frustration that we felt as we were working on our personal growth. That’s why we always have you in mind, because we are on a journey too.  Hear our story and how the idea for Maple took root.