Meet Maple Pro

We're Excited to Introduce Maple Pro!

The personal growth journey can be challenging, and it helps to have a reliable support team.  Maple Pro enables Personal Growth Professionals (like coaches and mentors) to give their clients control over their own growth and accountability, while freeing up the professional’s time through a single, simple dashboard which can be used to check in on all their clients at once.

What Can You Do With Maple Pro?

Coaches can:

  • Manage their interactions from the Maple Pro Dashboard
  • Create connections for up to 20 clients at time
  • Enter up to (5) Next Steps into Maple and have them appear on the client’s Maple Dashboard
  • See progress on each task for a given client
  • Send gentle reminders to clients about specific tasks
  • Keep notes on each client’s progress or future topics for discussion

Clients can:

  • Receive their Next Steps directly on their Maple Dashboard
  • Decline a Next Step if it isn’t right
  • Mark your progress for each task, including your thoughts about the task
  • Share your task observations with your professional
  • Rate the usefulness of the task once its completed
  • Take accountability for their personal growth journey in Maple between sessions and beyond

Ready to start using Maple Pro?

Maple Pro works with your existing Maple account. To subscribe to Pro features, simply log into Maple (or create an account) using one of the Maple Apps or at Or, use the button below to log in or sign up and starting shopping right in Maple!

Want to know more?

Interested but need more details before you buy?  We get that!  We’ve got different size packages to suit different life cycles in your coaching practice.  Plus you can chose a subscription option that suits you best: monthly options are really flexible, and annual subscriptions are the best value and offer a two week free trial.

Want to see a bit more first?

No problem!  Seeing is believing and we believe you’re going to like what you see.  Take a look at your Maple Pro Dashboard and see a few of the screens you’ll use to collaborate with your clients.

Need Info for your Clients?

Maple isn’t just for coaching professionals, it’s also for individuals working on their own personal growth journey. Learn more about how your clients can use Maple to learn to be more accountable for their own growth.