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Meet Maple

Your work space for personal growth.

When you focus on personal growth you need a safe space to work on your ideas, insights, and aspirations. Maple is that space.

It helps you explore and connect your ideas. Discover new things about yourself. Get relevant suggestions that keep you moving forward.

Everything you trust to Maple is secure, private, and anonymous.

Landing Page Section 2 [See the forest and the trees.]

See the forest and the trees.

Maple is a collection of tools created to help you capture, curate, and internalize your work.

Journal what matters. Document your Self-study. Reflect daily. Record your sleep and stress. Share your ideas with trusted Thought Partners. Work with Coaches on Next Steps. Organized and accessible, any time from anywhere.

Turn those ah-ha moments into inspiration, motivation, and self-connection to propel you towards your goals.

Landing Page Section 3 [Your Personal Growth Journey is Unique!]

Your Personal Growth Journey is Unique!

Your tools should embrace that.

We were thinking of you when we designed Maple. It’s built to be flexible and customizable, kind of an extension of your mind. We made it easy to use, with familiar tools like a journal, and a few new options.  Use Maple however it makes sense for you.

Landing Page Section 4 [Simplify with Maple.]

Simplify with Maple.

Everything on your mind, all in one place.

Unlike note-taking apps or online learning sites, Maple lets you keep everything in one place.  No extra passwords to remember! You can organize how, when and where you want to.  Create reminders to finish idea or begin something new.  Set goals to motivate yourself. Use the website or work in the Maple app, its all the same.

Landing Page Section 5 [Our passion is personal growth | Coaches: Ready to Maple with your clients?]

Our Passion is Personal Growth.

We understand the challenges you face because we’re on a journey of our own. We’ve experienced the same obstacles  and we know that it’s not easy when stuff gets in the way.

Coaches: Ready to Maple with your clients?

We’re introducing Maple Pro in the Fall of 2018. Maple Pro brings the Maple experience to the coaching dynamic. Document your client’s next steps and monitor their progress between sessions. Let Maple remind your clients to keep moving on their goals.

Want to learn more? Sign up for more details, early access to Maple Pro, and maybe a few other perks!