Maple Sleep and Stress Trackers

Maple's Sleep and Stress Trackers

The effects of Sleep and Stress on our health has never been more evident. We should all be striving to get adequate Sleep and reduce Stress. Bring your awareness to these two critical areas of your life with the Sleep and Stress Trackers from Maple.
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Sleep & Stress Trackers in Maple

With the Trackers you can:

  • Monitor your level of Stress or quality of Sleep
  • Keep tabs on what triggers stress and how you relieved it or how much sleep you got
  • Write in a journal dedicated to sleep (dreams) or stress
  • Tracker and journal entries for a particular day are linked
  • Look for patterns using the Table View for your entries
  • Share entries with your Thought Partners
  • Set reminders to track your Stress or Sleep

Getting Started

With the Sleep and Stress packages you can get started from either the Journals or Tracker options. The Sleep/Dream Journal and Stress Journal work exactly like the personal journal.  Trackers allow you to bring your attention to either your Sleep or Stress quality by self assessing using a five point scale.  

If you’re ever in need of assistance, feel free to contact us or reach out via the My Maple -> Help! menu in the Maple app.

Upgrade Options

The Sleep and Stress Trackers require a subscription to activate.  Check out the Maple Store for details, including different ways to try these features before you pay anything.

Here’s what you can shop for:

  • Sleep Soundly Duo – Get a journal specifically to capture your dreams or sleep notes and a tracker with fields designed to raise your awareness on the quality and quantity of your sleep.
  • Stress Monitoring Package – Includes a journal just for recording stressful moments and a tracker created to get you thinking about what causes your stress and what helps most to keep it in check.

For more information on subscriptions and trials check our the Maple Store Catalog.