Meet the Maple Family Tree

Family Tree

We like to keep things simple, so Maple was inspired and created by a tiny little team. Meet those of us that had a hand in bringing Maple to life.  Find out more about our perspectives on personal growth and life’s journey and how Maple fits in to it all.

This one blurted out a crazy idea – we call it Maple now. Who thinks like that?

This one envisioned it all and then made Maple come to life.  How’d he do that?

This one makes sure we get Things right.  She’s gonna inspire you!

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Out and About

Occasionally, we share our point of view and ideas with a broader audience.  Here are some things we’ve put out there recently:

What We Are Loving Right Now

As we move along with our own personal growth we sometimes come across resources that we think are just terrific.  So much so that we thought we’d share them with you!