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Let's Get Started

It’s time to get rid of the frustration, fear and uncertainty that hold you back.  Working with Chris you will take the steps to not only get started but also regain your energy and focus on your goals.

With flexible packages you’ll find the right amount of support to get you moving forward and keep your momentum going.

Options for Working Together

Everybody’s needs are unique and your coaching arrangements should reflect who you are, what you want to accomplish and where you are in your journey.  These options have been created with that in mind. Choose from several different coaching packages or opt for something customized using the On Demand coaching service.

Quick Start

Perfect if you have already done some work or have an idea of what you want to accomplish.  This  package offers a compact coaching engagement designed to fine tune your plans and quickly get you moving from thinking about those goals to actively working on them.

Duration:  8 weeks

Investment:  $359

Create Your Path

When you have the ideas, desire and  inspiration but no clear way to make that happen, this is the package for you.  Work together to clarify your goals and motivation, then define your plan and milestones.  Put your plan in motion so you can dream big and start making progress.  You’ll get strategies to manage the changes you are making and if you need additional support, Chris will help you find the right niche coach for you and your goals.

Duration:   16 weeks

Investment:   $759

On Demand Coaching

After you complete your package you may find it useful to get a hand now and then. Good news, you absolutely can! When you need objective input or extra support you can re-connect with Chris and work together one session at a time.  Ideal for a reality check on progress or working through big decisions or next steps. 

Duration:   Single session (after completing a prior package)

Investment: $110

Build Your Package

Still haven’t found that perfect fit?  Want to personalize even more?  No worries! 

Work directly with Chris to build your own premium package that lets you accomplish exactly what you need to in the time you have.

Duration:  Will be determined (3 session minimum)

Investment:  $100/session

A La Carte

Feel like you’ve got things under control but want the option to work with Chris on specific portions of your goals or plans?  We got that covered too.  A La Carte sessions require no prior package purchase and still give you the flexibility to work on just the things you need help with.

Duration:  single session

Investment:  $249/session

Take the Next Steps

Coaching is most impactful when you and your coach work well together, you know when you ‘click’ with someone.  Your next step couldn’t be easier, schedule a FREE mini session to talk with Chris and see if working together makes sense. 

It's Time to Embrace Success!

You’ve been thinking about what you should do and things you need or want to work on for long enough.  
Break free from what is holding you back. Getting started is the toughest part and now you have help and support. 
No excuses, Let’s Grow!
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