Maple How To: Managing Notifications

Maple How To: Managing Notifications

When you are using the Maple app you can set your preferences for which notifications you receive on your device.

On this page you will learn How To:

  • Customize your Device Notifications
  • Use the Device Notification actions

Reminders section of Settings pageDevice Notifications allow you to get the messages, reminders and prompts that appear at the top of your Maple Dashboard on your device.  To define what appears on your Dashboard use the My Maple/Settings page and go to the Reminders section, set Journal reminders by editing the My Journals page, or use the Reminder indicator at the bottom of each entry page.

Tip: The Reminder indicator defaults to NoReminder on entry page defaultTo activate the Reminder click on “No”.  The slider will move and show a green highlighted Yes, which switches it on.Reminder on entry page active

To customize your Device Notifications, you need to have the Maple app installed on your device.

Note icon for How To PagesNote: The Maple app is currently available for Microsoft and Android devices.  Search for “Maple” in the Microsoft and Google Play stores to download and install the app for your device.

You can set the customization options on each device, allowing you to control how much activity you receive on that device.


To Customize Device Notifications:Device Notification

For each device follow these steps:

1. Open the Maple app on the device.

2. Go to the My Maple menu and select Device Notifications from the options in the drop down list.

3. This will take you to the Device Notifications page for the device you are using.  The notifications for each device are managed on their own Device Notifications page.

Device Notifications page

Note icon for How To PagesNote: The Device Notifications default is All Enabled.  

To Turn Off All Notifications for this Device:

Continuing on from Step 3 above

4. On the Device Notifications page, click “Yes” in the slider bar for the Enable Notifications option.

Device Notification setting disable

The slider will move to show “No” and disable all notifications.

Device Notifications page disabled
5. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Save changes

That’s it! You’ve turned off all of the notifications to this device.

Reminder: To turn all notifications back on in one simple step, follow these same steps but click on the “No” in Step 4.  The slider moves to show “Yes”, turning on the notifications.

To Turn on Select Notifications for this Device:

Continuing on from Step 3 above

4. On the Device Notifications page, click “Yes” in the slider bar for each of the Device Notification options you want to enable.

Device Notification customizeDevice Notification customize 2

Reminder: If the Enable All option was set to “Yes” it will automatically turn to “No” when you update the first Device Notification option to “No”.  You can continue updating the individual Device Notification options to customize what you receive on this device. 

Save changes5. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Brilliant! You’ve created the perfect set of Maple notifications on this device for you!

To Use the Device Notification Actions:

Notifications may be displayed slightly differently depending the device and your device settings.  This section describes what the buttons within the notification do.

1. On the device, click or tap into the individual notification you want to see using the expand icon on the right side.

2. A longer snippet of the notification’s text is displayed with the Maple notification action buttons.

Device Notification Action buttons
3. To take action on the Notification click the appropriate button.

Let’s Go – Takes you to the Maple Messages page where you can view the full text of the notification.

Dismiss – Removes the Prompt or Reminder for this item.

Tip: Just like on your Maple Dashboard, if you use the Dismiss button for a feature reminder, like the one shown above, it will disable the reminder for that feature. For example, using the Dismiss button in this example will prevent you from getting periodic nudges to write in your Journal. 

If you make a mistake don’t worry!  It happens.  Just go back to the Journal page and turn the reminder back on.  

Snooze – Temporarily removes this item from your list of Messages.  It will reappear shortly based on the type of message.

Tip: You can also Snooze a notification by swiping it. System Notifications can not be snoozed so if you swipe it, you’ll Dismiss it.  And remember, what you do to the notification on your device carries through to your Maple Dashboard.

That’s all! Just like your Maple Dashboard but right their on your device.  Super useful!!

Amazing! You’ve covered everything there is on using Device Notifications.  There is also useful info on what each Notification option does on the Device Notification page. If you have questions let us know using the Contact page or the Help features in Maple.

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