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Coaching is something I became passionate about many years ago because it enables deep lasting changes.  You can tell when it’s working because people have that “Ahhh Ha!” moment, where suddenly something clicks and insight takes root.  That moment is amazing. I am addicted to it!  Seeing it happen makes my day or week. 

The challenge is using that inspiring new insight. All too often we back away from it.  I call this the “Yeabuts”.  It goes like this: “I know I want (or should or need) to do that, but… I don’t have the time, It’s too difficult, I don’t know what to do, I don’t have the money, I’m not capable…”  You get the idea.  How do I know about the Yeabuts? I’ve used them too!

Early in my career I was going up that corporate ladder, only to find the climb into leadership was not all that.  As a matter of fact, it was definitely not for me.  I dreamed about starting my own business but… that was a huge risk or financially draining or I was unqualified.  My Yeabuts went on until one day I realized that dreaming about being on my own was not enough anymore, I had to make changes because I needed to improve my life.  In 2007 I left my corporate life behind and started my own company (and yes, it is much better!)

I also discovered that the Yeabuts come back, like when I decided to take on a partner and, later, stepping into entrepreneurship. Plus, they aren’t limited to your professional goals.  I found myself using the Yeabuts when handling relationships, making lifestyle choices and managing my health – which meant I wasn’t fulfilling my aspirations in any of those areas. The good news is the more you address the Yeabuts the easier it gets to spot them and set them aside. From my experience, when you do that you can begin to make real progress. 

For me getting started was the toughest part and it kept me stuck.  But I’ve learned once you take a few paces you begin to create momentum and then its easier to find your stride.  These days I consider myself a First Steps Coach, because my preferred coaching work focuses on helping women take those crucial first steps.  Setting aside those Yeabuts and building up healthy habits that will support them as they put those Ahhh Ha moments to work and build their future. I know that once we get going we are all capable of achieving incredible things. 

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"Chris' straight forward coaching style gives you just the right motivation you need to take on the obstacles standing in your way and yet her personable nature and humor makes you feel like you've know her for years."
- Lindsay

Let's Focus on You

It was while we were designing Maple that I realized how deeply I believed in personal growth.  As individuals, we are constantly learning and evolving, but we don’t focus our energy and effort into our own goals and dreams. We invest in jobs or other people, but not ourselves. Until eventually something happens and we realize we want and deserve more. And we do!

Your goals and dreams are  important and it’s time to embrace them as the priority they are. If you know you are ready for something bigger and better but are still not doing it, it can leave you feeling frustrated, guilty and discouraged about your growth. It’s time to change that. 

Together, we can bring your goals and your actions into alignment so you can begin to make progress. By getting a little traction you’ll gain confidence and a sense of fulfillment. That’s how you want to feel! So let’s make that happen.

"My emphasis is less about WHAT your goal is and more about WHERE you are in the process. People get inspired and motivated but not activated. Where I make a difference is helping you cut through it all so you can put your energy on the things that will allow you to get to work. Every big finish starts with a little step."

Coach Chris

Coaching with Chris

How each coaching engagement develops is unique, but what  is a bit more straightforward.  We’ll work on getting:

  • a crisp awareness of your goal and it’s importance to you
  • an authentic sense of where you are in the process
  • insight on what has or hasn’t worked for you in the past 
  • an action plan to give you direction and specific activities
  • a strategy to keep yourself on track as you move forward

What kind of things can happen?

You’re in control but working together you can potentially:

  • get unstuck – make progress on what you want to achieve 
  • lose the confusion – get clear about what you want and why
  • stop feeling overwhelmed – make simple changes at first
  • end the second guessing – find resources and begin using tools to move forward with confidence
  • release your personal growth fears – embrace healthy supportive habits for your future
  • ban procrastinating – actively work on the goal and yourself so you can see progress

Ready to get started?  Great!  Let’s make sure this is the best path for you and that working together is a good fit.  Schedule a FREE mini session to get to know Chris and talk about your goals, where you are in the process and what help you need.

More Ways to Work with Chris


Sometimes what you really needs is a way to get familiar with new topics and concepts.  Chris periodically offers different online learning events to help you build  your skills and confidence.  She’s currently offering: 

  • Jump Start Your Future
  • The Trifecta of Stress Management 

Key Notes

During her keynote events Chris shares her insights, gives tips and practical information that audiences can put to use that same day.  Her signature topics:

  • Embrace Personal Growth
  • Unspoken Strategies for Entrepreneurial Success
  • Struggle is a Habit You Can Break


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