Scott’s Spot

Scott's Spot

Scott's Spot

Scott is Maple’s master builder. In his previous life, Scott worked as an enterprise software development consultant and team manager with a wide variety of expertise, ranging from database design to user interface development, and from system integration to project rehabilitation. After 20+ years working on corporate teams Scott began to want more; realizing that he wanted to work on something that helped people (not companies) become the best versions of themselves. Enter Maple, a project for the people.

Today, Scott keeps quite busy juggling all the technical pieces that make Maple possible; optimizing databases, managing multiple device apps, and designing and coding a whole list of new features to bring to Maple as quickly as possible.

Scott plans to visit the Meet Maple Blog as often as possible to talk about what it’s like to build an app that is meant to encourage, inspire, and trigger insight.

Blogs by Scott:

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“We’ve been contemplating our mechanical, electronic navels for too long. My God, how we need a breath of honest air!” Ray Bradbury, The Illustrated Man

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