What We’re Working On – December 2017

Disclaimer: Most of what’s discussed on this post is still in development (and will still need to be tested for quality), so we aren’t making any guarantees about timing or whether we’ll deliver these features exactly as described.

Hey gang! We’re working on some exciting updates for both the Maple app (Windows | Android) AND the Maple Insider app (Windows | Android), and are planning on releasing updates to both in the next month or so.

Here are the details:

Maple Insider App – Welcome Screen / Notifications
We’re adding a new Welcome Screen and some additional customization options to the Maple Insider app. You’ll be able to choose the initial page that loads when  you launch the Insider app, and you’ll be able to subscribe to device (toast) notifications whenever we publish anything new on Maple Insider. 

Maple App – Notifications
Now that we’ve enhanced the notifications message center on your Maple Dashboard, we’re going to work to bring that experience to your device in the form of toast notifications. The idea is that when a Thought Partner shares something with you or responds to something you’ve shared, you’ll know about it sooner rather than later. You will also get Maple Reminders right on your device, which should help keep you Journaling or working towards your Goals.

Both of these updates will be automatically delivered to your device when they’re ready, and we’ll formally announce them here on the Maple Insider.

Happy Mapling!

A note for Apple users: We’ve had a few people ask about Maple in the Apple Store. All I can say right now is that we’ve got both a Maple and a Maple Insider app written and ready to go for Apple devices, but we’re struggling a bit with some of the Apple Store requirements. Our primary mission is to deliver a consistent Maple experience across all platforms and devices, and to make Maple as affordable and easy to use as possible, and some of the Apple requirements are challenging us. We’ll get there and we appreciate your patience!

For now, Apple users can access the full Maple experience via any installed Web browsing app at http://MapleThat.com, and you can create a shortcut on your home screen for quick and easy access.  

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Scott Waletzko is the managing partner responsible for all things technical at R. Alliance, including the design and development of Maple.

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