PRESS RELEASE: Introducing Maple Pro, Software for Client Growth and Collaboration, Designed by Coaches for Coaches

  • Maple Pro extends Maple’s personal growth software platform to coaching professionals
  • Available as a Software as a Service (Saas) platform with 4 flexible subscription options
  • Maple and Maple Pro are available at and in the Google Play and Windows Stores

R. Alliance, LLC, a Richmond-based company, announces the public availability of Maple for Professionals. Maple Pro is an extension to Maple (, the startup’s unique and comprehensive personal growth platform. Designed specifically for coaching professionals who enable personal growth, Maple Pro provides coaches with a method for collaborating and tracking client progress between sessions. Pros can keep confidential notes about each of their clients, receive feedback about assignments as they progress, and send custom nudge messages as encouragement or reminders.

R. Alliance is a pioneer in the personal growth software market, releasing Maple in late 2017 as a first-of-its-kind app for self-help enthusiasts. An antidote to the extroversion of social media, Maple provides users with a safe and private space to document and organize everything on their mind, with the intent to help create and internalize insight about the things that are truly important to them. Users can journal, write prompted reflections, keep notes about books or courses, record self-study responses, store quotes, and track their sleep and stress. Maple is free to use, with paid upgrade options available for each feature.

Maple Pro extends the Maple experience, turning it into a collaboration space for coaches and their clients. Coaches can assign Next Steps and their clients can complete the work right in Maple or simply use Maple to report their progress. A unique Pro Dashboard provides coaches with a snapshot of each active client’s current status, so that they can easily see what is happening between sessions without spending hours tracking down clients via e-mail, text, or on the phone.

“Maple Pro addresses something I’ve struggled with as a Coach and a client, keeping the momentum going between coaching sessions. It’s no secret that the Next Steps agreed to during a coaching discussion are often forgotten until the last minute, or entirely overlooked. Maple Pro provides an easy way for both sides of the coaching dynamic to stay engaged between meetings.”

– Chris Dawson, R. Alliance Managing Partner and mastermind behind the functionality of Maple and Maple Pro

Maple Pro is immediately available in two subscription pricing tiers: Silver for smaller or new coaching practices, and Gold for larger more established businesses. Monthly and annual subscriptions are available for each, prices range from the equivalent of $14.99 / month to $49.99 / month.

Maple and Maple Pro are available at and in the Google Play and Windows Stores.

More information can be found at Product comparison and pricing details at E-mail with specific questions.

Click here for a downloadable copy of this press release.

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