Life Flies By, Unless You Slow It Down

The other day I was making an appointment at the doctor’s office and as we were going back and forth the receptionist said, “Oh my goodness, how did it get to be October already?”

I stopped, because it wasn’t October yet, but it was really close.  And her point was well taken.  Wasn’t it just January?  Didn’t I plant my garden a few weeks ago?  July 4 couldn’t have been that long ago, could it?  But it was.

Life goes fast, especially when we are all so busy. And we are so busy, all the time.  I know I’m not the only one who puts the phone down only to realize its time for bed. Or  who is skipping out on fun events. Or missing simple pleasures. I love to sit on the deck and read, didn’t do that once the entire summer.  I bought comfy new gliders for the front porch, haven’t sat in them.

That is all part of the problem of going too fast.  You get so much done, but it isn’t always the stuff that makes you happy, fulfilled or peaceful.   Which got me thinking, its time to make a change.  Not a huge one, cause those can be daunting.  Just a little one.

My solution, is to put a few minutes into each and every day to consciously slow down.  (Well, each and every day for a month to see what sort of difference it makes. A little experiment if you will.) A few moments to sit and rock on the front porch.  No agenda.  No deliverable.  Just me, the chair and a few deep breaths to chill out.

I’m going to use Maple to Journal the experiment.  I set up a Goal to write in that journal everyday for the next 31 days.  I’ll keep you posted here on my blog.  Keep an eye on Twitter (@MeetMaple) and our Facebook page (Meet Maple) for updates too.  OR…

You could join me!  (Tweet or message me for a code to use Maple for your experiment!)

Commit to give yourself a few unhurried minutes each day, on the porch or anywhere else that allows you to step away from the chaos.  Let’s enjoy October and see if we can slow things down, even a little bit.

#31DaysOnTheFrontPorch  #5MeaningfulBreaths


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