Seeing October

A quick update from the porch…the leaves are changing!

Living in a four season state this is not really an earth shattering discovery.  But here is what I noticed from the porch that I hadn’t really paid any mind to before: they change day to day.  Sometimes morning to night.  When this time of year rolls around I know there is usually a point where I exclaim “Oh my goodness the leaves changed!  It must have happened overnight!”

Well, it doesn’t.

Change is starting

They change a little bit here and then a little bit there.  The ash trees are turning faster then the oaks and the maples.  The gum trees are doing their own thing.  Some trees have completely green leaves on the same branch with bright yellow leaves.  I had no idea that could happen.  I assumed everything changed at the same time and pace, probably because I usually don’t see the colors until they are nearly over.

Apparently change takes time and, if you make way for it, you can see it as it unfolds.  Its pretty great.  I think I have the first entry for tonight’s gratitude journal.

Maple On everyone!

#31DaysOnTheFrontPorch #SlowItDown #FallsColors



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