New Reflection Package: In a Word (Vol 1)


Happy New Year from the Maple Team to you and yours!

To celebrate the New Year we’re happy to announce a new Reflection Prompt Package is now available in the Maple Store, it’s called In A Word.  This package is made up of single-word prompts, each designed to inspire deep thinking and reflection. It’s a great way to kick-start a new Journaling habit for 2018.  It’s currently only $2.99 and an account unlock, which means its active for as long as the account is active!

You can purchase it in the Maple Store by choosing “Reflection Prompt Packages” from the “All Types” drop-down option. Once unlocked, the In a Word prompts are added to the free Maple Reflection Prompts (and Crys Wood’s “Consider It” package prompts if you’ve unlocked those as well). Maple randomly selects a new prompt from your available packages each time you choose to add a New Reflection.  Variety is the spice of life and really useful when you are journaling!

Happy Mapling!

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