Cast a Wide & Creative Net for Support

January is chugging right along. Work, school, traffic, weather all seem to be back to normal (mostly). While that is a good sign, its also kind of a bad sign for me. Here’s why: despite the most serious of intentions and earnest motivation, some of the changes I envisioned making in 2018 are not exactly taking hold (yet). Mid-January is about the time when we give up on our resolutions/goals/challenges for the new year and settle back into what was, aka “normal”. This year, I’m going to fight that urge, with everything I have. Who’s with me?

A quick reality check, the calendar does not need to define when we Commit to Self. January 1 is a convenient and visible starting point, but January 16th is equally good. If you didn’t exactly get started as planned or if you need to re-start, there is no time like the present. The important thing is don’t give up. Remember to check that your goal is still realistic. For most of us who set a yearly goal, the good news is that there is still plenty of time!

Each day I am more and more convinced of the Mind, Body and Spirit connection. When I say I am going to fight the status quo with everything I have, this is what I mean. All three of those things have to be a part of the effort in order to get myself ready for change. I’m not going to take back the yard if my mindset is “Whatever…” Let’s be honest, change is often challenging but it is not impossible. Prepare all aspects of your Self for what you are doing and any potential impacts – both the good and the let’s say, not so desirable.

Here’s something else I’ve learned first hand during the Slow Start of 2018 – it helps to get support. Start with you. Ask yourself if you’ve given yourself the right tools and resources. Support comes in many forms, from finding a good nutrition program to a book to new walking shoes. Take stock to see if you’ve gathered what you need to be successful.

If you are struggling, as I have, this is also the moment to look for ways around the obstacles that are slowing your progress. Here’s an easy solution – get a buddy. It’s amazing what having a partner in the process can do for you. If you aren’t feeling fully committed to yourself yet, very often you can commit to someone else. This week a friend told me she put time on her calendar for reflection. Suddenly I was willing to swap my Candy Crush time for reading and meditation. And… I did. It works.

Maple’s Thought Partner feature is a great way to reinforce your buddy arrangement. Share things within the system to keep yourself motivated and encourage each other. Another good use for Thought Partners, create an impromptu book club. Regardless of what subject you are reading why not connect and share ideas with others who are doing the same? Each insight and self-discovery you share can propel everyone forward. Win – win!

Next, cast a wide and creative net for other sources of support. Remember to keep all of your needs in mind. In December I realized I needed a spiritual boost to help me accomplish my 2018 agenda. Knowing I didn’t posses the tools, I turned to my Tribe for ideas and they had plenty! I needed something symbolic to indicate I was ushering in a new chapter. I reached out to Deborah Globus at (@LaPadreRituals). She was unbelievably good at getting to the heart of where I was stuck and what might be meaningful to move forward. Knowing I like to journal, she incorporated that into my activities. In Maple I created a Custom Tag for Journal Entries or Reflections related to this, making them super easy to find.

Another out of the box idea for you: when I find myself particularly ridden with anxiety I turn to my acupuncturist to help get myself back to an aligned, unpanicked place. Returning to a calm and productive state is critical when I’m pushing myself to embrace new skills and habits and that is a big part of 2018.

And of course, celebrate all of your progress, even the little wins.

Be creative as you build a solid support system for yourself. Whether you are charging ahead on your 2018 or kinda easing into it, keep at it!  Go ahead, Maple something.

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Christine is a consultant, coach and collaborator. Her vision is a tool to nudge people towards the insights that are just out of reach; connecting their deeper thoughts and truest selves to make big leaps forward.

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