Maple News: Get Notifications on Your Devices With the Maple App

Here’s some good news to start your day: there is a new version of the Maple app available for Windows 10 and Android. Now you can get the notifications you see on your Maple Dashboard on any device where the Maple app is installed. How convenient!

Because we believe you should be able to use Maple the way it makes the most sense for you, you can also manage your notification settings based on your personal preferences by going to My Settings/Device Notifications. Quickly turn all notifications on or off for the device or specify which notifications you want to receive.

These settings are particular to each device you have Maple installed on, so you can modify them for each device you use. (Yes way!!)

Want to receive system updates on your tablet but not your phone? You can do that!

Want to see when a Thought Partner shares something, regardless of which device you are working on? Easy as pie!

Just to be clear, this won’t affect which messages you see on your Maple Dashboard, those are still selected using the options on the My Maple/Settings page or by activating the Reminder for a single entry. What’s new is you can manage which messages from Maple appear on your phone, tablet or laptop using My Maple/Device Notifications on that device. It’s never been easier to have Maple help you keep whatever is on your mind organized and accessible.

If you already have the Maple app you don’t need to do anything: the app will update automatically and the Device Notifications default to On. There’s hasn’t been a better time to try out the Maple app for Windows 10 or Android!  Using an Apple device?  No problem click here for more info.

Step by step instructions for using the Device Notifications are available on the Maple How To’s: Managing Device Notifications page. Still have questions or comments? We’re here to help! Use the Contact form here on Maple Insider or My Maple/Help! from within Maple.

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