You Know it’s Monday When…

This morning I decided to ease into the week and have an extra cup of coffee. Just as I was about to seek some hidden treasure my weather app assaulted me to say it was going to rain in 66 minutes! No relaxing start to the day.

So I begrudgingly get my outside attire on, spray head to toe with tick spray and trudge Monday morning snakeout to the yard. Only to find the grass is still soaking wet and the ground much too soggy for me to mow. Great. No mowing.

I figured I’d make the most of my tick spray and get a little weeding done in the squash garden instead. I went around back and found this scene right at the edge of the garden. Yikes! Definitely no weeding.

Yup it’s a Monday!

PS – It never rained.  Onward!!!

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