Get an Early Start on Your Goals

Over the Thanksgiving holiday I had plenty of time to think about how incredibly fortunate I am. While I was reflecting I had a somewhat startling revelation: though I appreciate all that I have I don’t always take advantage of it or put it to use. Well, that seems just wrong!

I skirted near this insight earlier when I realized the entire summer had passed and I didn’t take the time to sit outside and enjoy my deck. Not even once. Only this time, the insight came at me a more directly. You worked hard to get that outdoor space, you like being outside, and yet you are not taking advantage of it. What’s up with That?

Then it went further. This time it came to me while I was clearing the leaves in the yard. In the Battle for the Yard (Nature vs. Chris) it is decidedly going to Nature. The taller grass, trees, creepers and brush are slowly taking back what I worked so hard to clear. Now why is THAT?

My initial response (defensive even to myself) was it’s because there are ticks and snakes and bears. (Oh my!) Luckily, I wasn’t buying that answer anymore. Because there have been ticks and snakes and bears from the beginning, but only recently have I given in to them. This lead to a dicey question: Yes, I have the great spaces, but do I really want them?

If ever there was a question to Journal about, I think that one qualifies. I’ll journal on it, more than once I’m sure, until I get that thunderclap of insight that tells me I am at the real answer. In the meantime, it got me wondering about what I can do to try and get back on track when it comes to spending free time in the fresh air.

I’m not a big New Year’s Resolution person. Mostly because your standard run of the mill resolutions are not really made to be met. They are good when you need something to respond with when people inevitably ask “Have you made a New Year’s Resolution?” I gave up that ghost years ago. I no longer make resolutions; I set goals.

It begins with: what do I aspire to in the coming year? And how can I make that aspiration tangible? (Remember SMART goals are achievable goals!) I’m still working on a goal to spend more time in my outdoor space, I could use the Vitamin D. But I’ve already got one goal in mind: take back the yard.

Does it seem ridiculously early to be thinking about goals for 2018? You might say ‘Hell yes!’ but let me present it to you this way. You don’t set a goal unless you plan to meet it. And to figure out if that is possible it needs a bit of conscious consideration – which means you need to take the time to think about it from all angles. Otherwise you are just making a New Year’s Resolution that you don’t plan to work on.

Ponder those aspirations. Write about them. Share them with friends, coaches and Thought Partners who will weigh in and help you to craft just the right milestone and end points. Adjust and consider again. Repeat it all until you feel committed to what you are contemplating. From planning to completion, Goals take time and effort.

Yup now is the perfect opportunity to dream big and realistically at the same time. Shape that into a perfect goal, or two, for 2018. Something you can eagerly work towards instead of dreading and stressing over. Cause we all have enough stress this time of year.

What do you think? Ready to ditch your New Year’s Resolution and make a commitment to yourself with a well-planned goal instead? Use Maple to help you conceive it and build a support team to make it happen. It’s within your reach!

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Christine is a consultant, coach and collaborator. Her vision is a tool to nudge people towards the insights that are just out of reach; connecting their deeper thoughts and truest selves to make big leaps forward.

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