I Don’t Know What to Write in My Journal

Did you ever find yourself ready to work in your journal only to discover you had no idea what to write about? Or even how to get started?

Us too!

Don’t worry, there is help! Maple has Reflection prompts and questions that you can use to get started. There is a pre-loaded set of prompts already available. If you want some variety there are Reflection Packages available in the Maple Store.

There is even more good news, a new Reflection Package on the way. It’s called the Reflections for Resurgence Package. All of the prompts in this package are designed to get you thinking about coming back strong after a setback or rising to meet the challenge of your own goals. All great starting points for effective journaling and personal growth.

The Reflections for Resurgence Package will be available in the Maple Store by June 30th.

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