What’s New: Resurgence Program Reflection Package

With all the fireworks last week we almost forgot to tell you about a new Reflection Package we have in the Maple Store! (Reflections are thought starters and prompts for journaling.)

This package is inspired by the Resurgence Program and Coaching from R. Alliance, LLC and is perfect if you are looking to make some big changes in your life. What kind of changes? Here are some examples:

  • Picking up the pieces after a failure somewhere in your life (ex. losing a job or a relationship)
  • Bouncing back from a defeat (ex. you did your best and still didn’t get the outcome you envisioned)
  • Reinventing yourself (ex. pursuing a new career or finding your life’s purpose)

If these sound like what you are planning, the Resurgence Program Reflection Package is a great addition to your plans. With 31 different prompts to encourage you to think deeply and get honest with yourself, you’ll have opportunities for insight and inspiration. Here’s an example:

Describe something in your life that needs repair. What keeps you from fixing it?
– Resurgence Program Reflection Package

It’s available in the Maple Store as a one time purchase of $9.99 and if you purchase by July 23, 2018 you’ll even get a 20% discount.  Boom! Now, that’s the way to kickoff your summer personal growth plans!

Let’s Maple something!

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