What’s New: Maple Store Enhancements

We love it when you give us feedback and a few of you have mentioned that the Maple Store was a little, well, let’s say Tricky to get around in. We couldn’t agree more! So we’ve made some changes.

First, you’ll find pages for each Maple feature with descriptions of each package, including what comes with your Maple account, and a comparison of the options. That makes it simple to tell the differences between the packages and find the one that works best for you. Use the links at the bottom of the page to move between Features or see Related pages.

We’ve also added a Maple Store home page that groups the packages for you. These correspond with your Maple Stuff (aka Features) so it will be much faster and easier to find options for what you want. For example, Get Organized has all of the options available for Categories and Tags, plus our bundled package (The Organizer) together on one page.

Here’s the best part, we’ve added two custom groups: Featured and Maple Specials that way you can always see what’s Hot or On Sale. The Featured group shows you Maple packages that we think are awesome and worth a quick look even if you might not have been shopping specifically for them. Maple Specials should be your first stop when you get to the Maple Store because it has all the packages that are discounted right now. Items in the Maple Specials section are typically only there for a limited time so stop by often to see what bargains you can find.

As always we want to hear what you think of what we have done. Use the Contact form and let us know.

This is has been a great week for shopping, why not wrap it up with a trip through the new Maple Store and support your personal growth this summer? Just log in to Maple and go to My Maple/Store.  Happy Mapling!!

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